Being baptised means joining the worldwide church and also becoming part of this particular church family. We welcome you – adults and children.

Children traditionally have three godparents, one of the opposite sex, and two of their own sex. The minimum is two – but if that proves difficult then Canon Law permits parents to act as godparents for their own children ‘provided that the child has at least one other godparent’. You can, if you wish, have more (within reason!), but beware using all your choices on your first child and then running dry for future children! See Being a Godparent.

Adults may have two ‘sponsors’. Sponsors and godparents must be baptised. They do not have to be confirmed. If a potential godparent has not been baptised it is best to talk this through with the Rector.

Adults are generally baptised and confirmed at the same time, which means that the bishop is involved in the ceremony. If you would like to find out more please talk to the clergy.

If, after talking it through, you are unsure about making solemn promises on behalf of your baby, you may prefer to have a service of blessing and thanksgiving. This can be held at another time, or during a full service.

If you’d like to look at the Service of Thanksgiving for the Birth of a Child please call the parish office.