3bs Caring & Sharing Scheme

(part of Caring & Sharing East Sussex www.caringandsharingeastsussex.org.uk)


Members of this parish participate in the ‘Caring and Sharing’ scheme. The scheme was started in 1982.  It is based on two ideas: the first is that by making a small sacrifice members can turn away from the material values of the western world; the second is that they can share their comparative wealth by sending the savings from this small sacrifice to projects in poorer countries to provide the basic needs of life.

The sacrifice is not expected to be a major one. It is in the regularity that it grows in value both in a monetary way and also in our personal and regular sacrifice, deepening our spiritual life.  For example a digestive biscuit costs only a few pence, but 5p per day amounts to more than £18 per year. Perhaps just missing out once a week is enough to remind us to reevaluate what is important. Such sums given regularly by many members across mainly East Sussex but also other parts of the South East, enable the charity to send about £100,000 a year to our chosen projects. Caring and Sharing could be skipping your Sunday paper once a month or whatever you want it to be. The only person who knows is you and God and the parish coordinator. You place the money in an envelope and passing to the Parish coordinator, they bank it and the charity uses it for the good of others.


We invite you to:          A) Live more simply so that others can simply live

                                      B) Join us in this scheme